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Kindly let me know how can i configure DS server (v 7.2) in multiple profile ( CTS, for AM configuration and AM identity store). Also i need to add base dn.


Hello Maumita,
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You can have multiple profiles in a DS repo. You can simply set --profile multiple times.
However, remember that multiple profiles being possible does not mean it is recommended. As a matter of fact the CTS is best left alone, and the ID Store has sensitive data that often deserves individual treatment (w.r.t. backups, encryption, tuning, etc…). Also you have to take into account replication needs which means that your architecture need to include session, and user profile management in multiple Data Centres (public, or private).
So, technically, there is no issue, but it is more of a design/architecture decision.
The baseDN can be setup with the --set parameter. See this documentation paragraph:


Hi Gery,

Thank you for your reply. So can I run single setup command with multiple --profile option. Or i have to run setup command multiple times with --profile option for each setup.

Also suppose the directory structure would be like this:

|______ outnokens (cts store)
|_______ou=people (id store)

How to achieve this?


Yes you add multiple profile arguments to the setup command:

--profile am-identity-store
--set am-identity-store/baseDn:ou=identities
--profile am-config
--set am-config/baseDn:ou=am-config

This gives you multiple branches starting from the Root of your directory.
I hope this helps.


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Hi Gery,

Thank you, i am able to setup as per your advise. Now how i can bind to ds on port 1389? shall i use admin user credentials or profile specific user. please help


The connection issue is not the same topic please submit a separate question. This helps keep the topic atomic and easier to user for other participants.