OpenAM 7.1.4 crashing with excessive and long searches on DS Server with CORS policy enabled

I have Forgerock OpenAM 7.1.4 setup with its configuration stored in DS Server (configstore). I enabled the CORS policy and as part of it added origin property (properly indexed) to the OAuth2 clients. However, I see the configstore making 100s of searches, taking as long as 2-3s to these clients thats causing the AM connection to configstore to disrupt.

Any clues on this one please?

I would like to be helpful but I am afraid that there is just not enough to go on, here.

@tanya.aggarwal it would be great to add details of the configuration changes? I actually don’t understand this statement, as it makes no sense in the ForgeRock configuration world : “added origin property (properly indexed) to the OAuth2 clients”