OpenAM Community Edition with Vue SPA / CORS Settings

Hello everyone,

First of all, I have to admit that I don’t understand how Ping Identity, Forgerock and OpenAM are connected.

I have installed OpenAM with Docker to find an alternative to Keycloak and I have to say that I am currently very dissatisfied with the decision.

Setting it up is a real hassle, the documentation for the CE is not up to date I have the feeling. In the Admin UI you are sent back and forth between the old and new UI all the time and so far nothing works.

I want to set up CORS so that I can log in with OIDC from my VUE3 application and use the SDK from OpenAM for this. The link to the settings for CORS from npm unfortunately leads nowhere, where can I find these settings? Is OpenAM Community Edition still supported at all? Is it still being developed?

Unfortunately, I can’t figure it out, maybe someone here can help me.

Best regards

Greetings maho01,

Thank you for your comments.
First of all, the company Ping Identity has been merged with the company Forgerock into a company Ping Identity.
AM is the most mature product in the Forgerock suite, with original roots from opensso.
Information on this situation is readily available here:

Furthermore, the community edition has never been actively supported nor frankly used by any customer I deal with. The latest shipping product has the latest patches, functionality, etcetera are available at the downloads site:
or alternatively, use the CDM (cloud deployment model):

Lastly, perhaps to learn of this product, which is very different that Keycloak, you may benefit from this:

Good luck!