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DeepthiReddy Eedula posted 02-17-2022 07:07

We are using OpenDj LDAP 2.6 version and ldapsdk-4.1.jar and we are planning for data center migration which has OS 8.5, JAVA 8. We have below questions to clarify

  1. Is LDAP 2.6 compatible with OS 8.5, JAVA 8 or version upgrade is required?
  2. If we upgrade to latest LDAP version will it support ldapsdk-4.1.jar

John Waite posted 02-28-2022 07:34

Before responding to your questions you should be aware that the DJ 2.6.x version was officially ESOL’ed back in 2018.
Please see this KB article which lists the different OpenDJ/DS versions and their ESOL dates.
EOSL dates for legacy product versions

  1. For your first question please review the OpenDJ 2.6.x release Notes which discusses the compatible OS and Java versions.

Java Compatibility:

  • OpenDJ 2.6.1 and earlier requires Java 6 or 7, specifically at least the Java Standard Edition runtime environment.

  • OpenDJ 2.6.2 and later requires Java 6, 7, or 8, ForgeRock has tested most with Oracle Java Platform, Standard Edition.

  • OpenDJ LDAP Toolkit requires Java 6 or 7. To build applications with the OpenDJ LDAP SDK, you need the corresponding Java SDK.

ForgeRock recommends that you keep your Java installation up to date with the latest security fixes.

OpenDJ software depends on the Java environment more than it depends on the underlying operating system. That said, OpenDJ 2.6.0 has been validated on the following operating systems.

  • Apple Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8
  • Linux 2.6 and later
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
  • Oracle Solaris 11 x86
  1. To respond to your second question the latest version of DS is now DS 7.1.2. You can review the Release Notes for that version here:
    Release Notes :: ForgeRock Directory Services

The ldapsdk-4.1.jar is very old and as to whether or not it will function with the latest version of DS I can not say. You would need to test it out in your test environment to confirm if it functions correctly for your client applications.
We do have information about LDAP SDKs for the later versions of DS. That information is discussed in this KB article:

Where can I find the LDAP SDK for DS?

The LDAP SDK provides public Java APIs for connecting to DS. There are multiple versions available, however, the newer versions include more APIs to increase the functionality available. Additionally, there are dependencies between the server version and LDAP SDK in some situations:

  • If you are building a plugin or extension, you must use the corresponding opendj-core version. For example, if you use DS 7.0.0, you must use the opendj-core-7.0.0.jar.
  • If you are building an LDAP client, you can use any version with any supported versions of DS as the SDK version is not tied to the DS version in this situation.

Each DS server release has an equivalent opendj-core-xxx.jar file in Artifactory. You can locate the required file by searching for opendj-core-xxx.jar (replacing xxx with the 3 digit release number). For example, the file for DS 6 is here: opendj-core-6.0.0.jar
You must log in using your BackStage username and password to access these files.

The Javadoc for the corresponding version lists the LDAP SDK packages available for that release.

Hopefully this addresses both of your questions.
Regards, John