Password Reset Link journey - Resend link

Hi, I am configuring forgot user journeys consider forgot password journey, User clicks on the link it will ask user to enter email/username then it will check in the forgerock If user exists, In background Forgerock will send an email with link. User received an email and click on the link, If that link is expired I want to show the pop up message to user and asking him to click on resend link. I need help on how to build resend link ?

Any one worked on this or similar requirements, please provide inputs.


Yes, you “could” do all that work butI have to ask; why not just enable the End User Service and be done with it?

Thanks for your response. I want to use my custom UI, which is running as an MFE. Can you please share how I can build resend links? I believe it should use a unique link. I need your input on this. Thanks.

Such links (and associated tokens) are generated at AM. These services I speak of do expose their functionalities through a RESTful api via callbacks. You could integrate your solution with these server provided functionalities following a good implementation adopting the HATEOAS principle.

@sidda are you asking how to generate the reset link, or how to generate the resend link after the reset link expires? I have kind of understood first that you were using the Email Suspend Node - but that does not seem correct - since the link does not expire in this case. So are you able to generate a custom reset link and send the email via some api? But then, I don’t get why you could not regenerate a new reset link once it has expired? Or are you asking how to generate a magic link in the general case?

Perhaps this article might help you get started: Magic links with ForgeRock Access Management — Before v7 | by Stéphane Orluc | Medium

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