PlatformPasswordNode CheckMarkPolicyDisplay NotWorking

Below looks like a bug based on my testing. Please help me understand from your perspective too.

Expected Functionality: The Platform Password node has an option “Checkmark Policy Display” when it is enabled, It displays the password policy starting with a Cross Mark (as shown below) and replace it with right Mark as soon as policy is satisfied.

Issue Description: When this Platform Password node is added along with Attribute Collector node together in a Page node and enabled “Checkmark Policy Display” in Platform Password node. This “Checkmark Policy Display” does not work as expected and just display bullet dots instead of Crossmark.

But when this platform password node is used separately with “Checkmark Policy Display” enabled or Platform Password with Platform Username and with “Checkmark Policy Display” enabled, it works as expected.

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Hi @tanu.garg,

I assume this is an Identity Cloud journey. I just tested with the default Registration journey, and no issues at all, I get the expected result (crosses and checkmarks). My demo tenant build : Build 80adae06 (October 14, 2023 at 02:50)



@patrick_diligent - Thanks again!
Thats correct. Now when you told its working for you, I also tested after making changes in OOTB registration journey and it works.

But there is something wrong / stuck with Platform Password node in existing journey that whatever I try it never shows crossmark.
Now I have made a fresh registration journey with same existing config where it was not working and its works now with everything fresh.

I think your input provided assurance that it works and something is wrong with my journey even when config wise everything was correct.

Hi @tanu.garg,

Would you be able to upload the configuration (you could use frodo for that: GitHub - rockcarver/frodo: ForgeROckDO - the one cli to rule them all), I am curious to understand why,


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