Problems launching the Lab

i get this error since yesterday when i launch the Lab, i don’t receive the registration email from ForgeRock Identity Cloud.

Hi mbouhdimi, Thanks for reaching out to Community about the issue you’re experiencing with your Lab.

You also mentioned that you’ve not received the registration email from ForgeRock Identity Cloud. To provide you with the best assistance, could you please clarify if by “Lab” you’re referring to a Forgerock University training lab or your own IDC environment (e.g., you have ForgeRock Identity Cloud subscription service but are unable to access the console)?

Understanding this distinction will help us better address the problem you’re facing.
Looking forward to hearing back from you soon so we can assist you further.

Thank you,

Yes i have a ForgeRock Identity Cloud university training subscription service ,in the [GETTING STARTED WITH FORGEROCK IDENTITY CLOUD] course , but i am unable to access the console of Identity cloud UI.

Hi Meryem,

I’m happy to help here, could you confirm when you spun up your lab environment on Backstage.

You’ll find on the introduction page that your Identity Cloud tenant can take up to 45 mins to spin up. If it’s been longer than that then I will raise a ticket with our CloudShare team to find out why your tenant isn’t working as expected.

Also we recommend for Training issues please reach out to

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yes it’s been more than an hour and it’s still not working

I’ve raised a ticket with our fraas team, they are looking into this for you.

Appreciate your patience on this - I’ll be in touch with updates when I have them

Thank you!

Hi there, our support team have said the tenant is fixed - please have a look at the tab and let me know if it’s working again :)

it’s working, thank you!