PUT request with a scripted REST Connector


I’m trying to perform a PUT request through a scripted REST connector. There is documentation around how to add/change headers, connection timeouts, proxy etc. But couldn’t find a documentation on how to change the HTTP method. Is there any other recommended way of doing it?

The RESTClient (aka connection in the samples) is a groovyx.net.http.RESTClient. You could use this method: HTTPBuilder#request => HTTPBuilder - http-builder 0.7.2 javadoc with this style:

def builder = new JsonBuilder(body_map)

result = connection.request(PUT, JSON) { req ->
        uri.path =  path
        body = builder.toString()

        response.success = { resp, json ->
            new Uid(json._id, json._rev)

        response.failure = { resp, json ->
            // process the error

or you could directly use RESTClient#put: RESTClient - http-builder 0.7.2 javadoc (which I have never used )