Query user based on multiple attributes

Hi Team,

Would like to know if there is a way to query existing user’s profile data stored in FR IC with multiple attributes. The requirement is to have the end user pass three attributes - firstname, lastname, email and date of birth, and then query FR IC in a scripted decision node to identity whether it is an existing user. Please note that we cannot use the “Identity Existing User” node in the journey as that node works for only one attribute (and we need to search based on the above 3 attributes only).**

Based on our research, the closest one we could find is the “idRepository” object however don’t think we have an API of the above class where more than one attribute can be passed to identity/retrieve the user. Calling FR IC REST API (i.e. “/openidm/managed/realm-name_user?_queryFilter=filter”) to query FR IC is also an option, but we are looking to avoid that path. The reason being that we don’t want to create an additional IDM user which is a pre requisite for calling the FR IC IDM REST APIs.

Kindly let us know if there is any alternate way to achieve this requirement.


Hi chaudhuri-arpan,

I wanted to follow up and confirm that you have guidance via a support ticket for further assistance with querying users based on multiple attributes stored in ID Cloud.

Thank you,