ReCaptcha Node incompatible with Platform Password?


We are implementing the Captcha feature in our Registration authentication tree. Our architecture is a Forgeops deployment.
We did some tests and notice that with the following configuration:
Page node with:
-Platform Username
-Platform password with validate password set to true
-Captcha node
when you load the page, an instant 401 error is returned and once you write something in the password field the page is refreshed returning another 401 error.

If we remove the validate password flag, everything works fine.

Do you have any advice on how can we configure the node with both configurations (Captcha and platform password with validate password flag active)

Thanks in advance,

Hi Lorenzo,

Thank you for getting in touch with us through both support ticket and forum post as you work on implementing the Captcha feature in your Forgeops deployment. I’m sorry to hear about the issue you’ve encountered.

Your detailed explanation of the problems you faced while configuring the Captcha node with the Platform Password node, as well as the testing you did by enabling/disabling the validate password flag, is immensely helpful not only to our support team but also to others who may encounter similar challenges.

The limited feedback of in-kind behavior prompted me to look into this further. As a result, I understand that there is an issue identified and tracked in our Jira system.

I understand you’re currently implementing an interim solution to the problem by using the Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) captcha node outside the Page Node.

If anyone suspects this issue, please raise a support ticket. Our support team can identify whether you are encountering a known issue and link it to your ticket. From there, you can track updates on the forthcoming fix.

Kind regards,