Recording for "ForgeOps - Managing Configuration using CDK and CDM" developer session

In session 3 of the ForgeOps series, Suner Syuleman, Senior Curriculum Developer at ForgeRock, focused on how to personalize ForgeOps using file based configuration management, ForgeOps tooling for configuration management, file structure and GitOps techniques required for managing the ForgeOps. He is also showed the configuration structure, how to manage configuration and its import & export. To get most of this session, you could practice after the session on a working cluster. We covered prerequisite steps of setting up a working CDK cluster in our previous forgeops sessions. You can find the recordings of previous sessions in the DevEvents category.

Suner shared his knowledge, expertise, best practices and tips with us today, in addition to answering questions from the attendees. Our next Dev Session is in Sept, by Suner on Building custom docker images. If you havent already, you can register for the event in this Link.


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