Recording for Ping Developer: Deep dive into Managing Directory Services (DS) in ForgeOps with Lee Baines-Dark

Date: July 11, 2024
Time: 9:30 AM CST

Watch the recording to dive into managing DS with ForgeOps! Lee Baines from #PingIdentity as he demonstrated how users can utilize ForgeOps enhancements to tailor Directory Services (DS), execute essential management functions like backup/restore and disaster recovery, and navigate through the troubleshooting tools.


Thank you @lee.baines-dark for the session today!

We recently migrated a customer onto EKS using ForgeOps 7.4 and it was good to see there is now documentation of the DS customisation points published in the Community Forums (we were having to work from the scripts to figure some of it out previously and was quite painful; there are many layers to the DS setup scripts to keep in your head!)

The use of config maps to customise the DS was handy to see too - we were doing our customisation during the “bake” phase of building the docker images and config maps a good improvement on this.

Thanks again,



Recording of the event:

Resources shared during the event:

Link ForgeOps DS Script Guide 7.4/7.5

Beyond the docs page with links to articles: Beyond the docs :: ForgeOps Documentation

Backup/restore section of docs: Backup and restore overview :: ForgeOps Documentation

Deep dive into ForgeOps and Directory Services management.pdf (297.2 KB)

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Hi Robert, thanks for your response and good to hear this added support can benefit you. Please feel free to try some of this new functionality and review the articles. We would welcome comments suggestions for further improvements. Or if there is anything else you find challenging when using DS in a Kubernetes environment, please let us know.


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