Redirect to Login in AM Journey on ForgotPassword


I have a forgot password journey all working / validating and setting the user password, but at the end of the journey I need to be able to redirect the user to login again (by default it takes the user in post password change). Is there a node / way to successfully complete the journey but also log the user out or way to cancel the current journey without passing back an aunauthorized?


Greetings Nick,

Have you considered just incorporating a Success URL Node to redirect the user to an appropriate endpoint for authentication?

Hi @nick.hunt,
I would use a Failure URL to redirect the user to login page and then link it to the fail exit so that the user won’t have a valid session and will have to authenticate.
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LOL, yes. either way will work!

So, if I do a failure URL / redirect back to the login page, how do I maintain / get the original URL that the user was in? Just want to make sure I can send them back / complete the process of logging in without losing the original state.

I think I would create a script and use the script binding requestHeaders to get the referer header and set it on the fly on the Failure URL.

Or maybe easier, I’ll use a RedirectCallback.

Ok, thanks for the information, will try this out / get it set.