Refresh token in React Native App

Hello peeps. We are trying to integrate Frogerock into RN App . So far so good all works. But we have problem with refresh token. Token expiration time is 1 hour. After that what have done is to call native android and ios sdk method refresh to revoke access token. Sometimes it works sometimes it fails because it is not possible to retrieve current user. Please is there any chance to get any advice how to do this properly because I lost already 3 days on this. Is there any chance to get new access token or we need to do it other way?

Thanks in advance.

Hi jalson1982,

Thank you for reaching out with your query. I understand the challenges you’ve faced with the token expiration and the intermittent issues you’ve encountered during the refresh process. I will look into this matter further with our internal teams to gain insights and advice on the best approach to handle token refreshes more effectively within the integration for RN App.

In the meantime, could you provide some additional details about your integration setup, such as the specific versions of Access Management, the native Android and iOS SDKs you’re using, and any code snippets related to the token refresh process? This information will help us better understand your situation and provide more targeted assistance.