Resuming Authentication Journey with custom API integration

We need to integrate with custom API where this API requires to resume authentication journey, however the current ForgeRock suspendedId is only generated when using “Suspended Email Node” and it only supports SMTP integration.

Is there any in Identity Cloud to generate a suspendedId similar to what “Suspended Email Node” does however we need to call an external API to send that suspendedId.


Hi @moses.feinstein,

Thank you for posting your question on the forum. I understand that you’re looking for a way to generate a suspendedId in Identity Cloud similar to what the “Suspended Email Node”, but with the ability to call an external API to send that suspendedId. I’ll do my best to assist and consult with our internal teams to see if they have any advice or if it would be best to raise a support ticket.

Could I kindly request more details about your project and the specific API you are working with? This will better equip our internal teams to provide accurate and tailored guidance for your integration needs.