SAML Auth Server Error

When attempting to open from my application I get a generic “Server Error”. Where can I see any specific error messages to try and figure what’s wrong?

Hey @devuser3333

You can find the specific error messages for this in the Federation log, located in the /var/debug directory. If the message you find isn’t helpful enough (it should be) you can bump up to message level logging and get a ton of information (see Debug logging :: AM 7.3.0)

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Hi @mwtech, I have similar issue. when app team launched SP initiated url, its generated SAML authnrequest to FR AM, post that session validation FR sent loginpage to the user. but user dosn’t enter credetial upto 30min, post the same page he tried to enter credetial, but user gets server error(unexpected error happened handling the request). please provide us any thoughts how to resovle this.