Setting Up OAuth Proxy in Identity Cloud

Hi team,

We have a use where in an Authorization Code flow, currently authentication is being handled by Forgerock but our requirement is authentication of user should happen via PING and PING should then respond us back with the auth code. We are trying to find how PING will send us the response back with the code and if any config needs to be done at Forgerock end.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @aggarwalanushka

Just so I understand the request, you would like a flow like:

Application -- Send code request--> PING
PING -- Send authN request --> ForgeRock
ForgeRock -- Authenticate User --> ForgeRock
ForgeRock -- Reply to authN request --> PING
PING -- Send auth code --> Application

And then the application exchanges the code for a token. Is this what you are looking to accomplish?