Setup of IDM with shared identity store

I am setting up Directory store with AM and IDM with shared identity store in a lab environment.

I am at Step 9 of the following documentation.
Set up IDM :: ForgeRock Identity Platform

I have done the setup for DS and AM.

When I open the following url, the browser is running into a loop with the url
\’ i.e. it keeps on refreshing and does not give a login page.

Hi @shauryab,

Yes, that is expected. You need to deploy the platform UIs and launch authentication via the login UI. It’s because in a platform deployment, IDM only supports bearer token authentication, no more managed or static authentication - authentication has to go through AM first, then obtaining a valid access token given permissions to access the IDM admin console.


Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your reply. I have followed the steps to configure the Platform UIs by By installing a .zip file in the AM web container.
When I try to login to the AM to revise the success URL for three authentication trees, I am able to login and I get forwarded to this url ( and the screen is just blank. If I login to the platform UI for idm (http:\// it goes in a loop. What am I missing?