Setup SAML SSO for Wazuh using OpenAM

Hi Everyone

I am trying to setup SSO for an Application named wazuh, it supports SAML. Have anyone tried setting up sso for the same using OpenaAM? Any help is appreicated.


Are you certain your application is SAML v2.0 compliant? AM only supports SAML v2.0.

In the event it is not, you can always protect the application by placing IG in front of it, allowing IG to act as the SAML SP.

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Hi @anants - are you experiencing any errors in this setup? Or are you just looking on getting started? Have you taken a look at the documentation and set up an IDP?

Setting up the SP will be slightly complicated as AM does not allow you to configure a remote SAML entity through any means other than using metadata, so you will need to configure the metadata manually. With systems like this, I typically use SAML Service Provider (SP) Metadata XML Builder | to accomplish this.

There isn’t any clear reason why you shouldn’t be able to do this in AM, unless as @grpensa stated the application only supports SAML 1.1.

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