Sql and LDAP injection

Hi there,
Am securing a backend spring boot API’s with IG(identity gateway) and would like to have some protection against SQL injection and LDAP injection attacks, how would I do this since I can’t find a relevant filter for this?
IG version 6.x


I saw this question has been sitting around for a while and was wondering if you were able to solve this for your use-case?

We don’t have any specific filters for this, presumably you would be looking to do some complex parameter pattern matching. The ScriptableFilter would give you a lot of flexility when it comes to applying your own rules to the request URI but even a route or DispatchHandler "condition" might provide enough request filtering to enable you to have suspicious requests routed to a specific handler for further processing.

Do you have some examples of the sort of requests you have encountered/want to filter out?


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