Support for french character names during bulk upload?

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While bulk loading user identities through CSV upload, we have got some names with french characters like à, è, ù…etc …,. After loading in the Platform UI those names with this characters alone show like ? for e.g., S?bestian. How to overcome this issue?

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Greetings Suriya,

Out of interest, which locales have been configured with your deployment of the Platform UI?


Hi @grpensa ,

Thank you for ur response! Currently only English is there but if we put French accent names directly in Platform UI then it is showing correctly. Only Bulk uploading show that accent characters with “?”.

Yes… but as you state, only EN is there. I wonder… give me the day, please.

Very good.

As of this moment, if you are using the admin UI, that UI is currently only supporting EN.
There is in fact a Jira to this effect: IAM-3439 Localization of Admin U
The priority of this jira is currently low and there is no current expectation of a delivery date for solution.

As I stated above, localization of the self user ui is supported and at the moment yours is not configured for FR.



If you have note already opened a ticket I would suggest that we open a ticket and ask to be added to Jira IAM-3439. This way we can add customer weight to the issue and also let the engineering team know the impact to our customers as well.


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Hi @daniel.adams ,

I fixed this issue, it caused because of file format since I have modified and save .csv file in default format provided by microsoft excel we need to store file in “UTF-8 .csv” format to fix this issue.

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oh, so your source data was not inclusive of the character set required. Thanks for the update Suriya.

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