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How can I prove this existingSession working(see below link of an article), because I tried few ways to get existingSession but couldn’t get to the if condition. Well, I created a realm and configured an authentication tree and had a scriptlet with the below url code. In my authentication after LDAP authentication am using a scriptlet to see if I get to existingSession to Yes , but it always goes to No. Please advise how can I reproduce it. thanks

For ease i captured the code from the above link.
if (typeof existingSession !== ‘undefined’)
outcome = “Yes”;
//existingAuthLevel = existingSession.get(“AuthLevel”);
outcome = “No”;
//logger.error(“Not a session upgrade.”);

The node will only have the existingSession variable populated when the user already have a session when accessing the authentication node in question. When you are running your tests are you sending the session cookie along with your authentication request?

Hi There, am using the below url from the browser(firefox/chrome) . It never gets to existingSession=yes
Pls advice.

Are you authenticating first with a different tree, and then try to access the testAdvAuthTree tree afterwards?

Nope. am using only one i,e tesAdvAuthTree that is following.

  1. first i used above url it prompts for challenge->supplied credentials->authenticated.
  2. Again in the same browser hit the above url it didn’t prompt for authenticaitn logged in.
  3. The problem is during 2 step was it didn’t even go to the authentication tree, I want to check if an exsistingSession exists want to have sort of mfa. Pls advice. thanks

In step 2, the tree won’t be re-executed, because your session was originally established using that tree already. You will need to trigger session upgrade:
The existing session check will only work when you are doing a session upgrade.

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Thanks for the help.