Token expiration time was set for 5min but getting expire after 10min

I generate tokens by hitting the ForgeRock and then I send the ID token again to the ForgeRock to check whether the token is valid or not. After that, when we get the token validity, we also get the claims details, in those details we have Expiration time(exp) of the token which we have set in the ForgeRock portal under the OAuth client.
We have set the token expiry time to 5min, but it is takes 10mins to expire that token. I’m sharing the screenshot where I set the token expiry time.

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I see you have set JWT Token Lifetime for the OAuth client. Have you also updated the JWT Token Lifetime for the OAuth2 Provider service?

Reference to Session termination settings:

To Update the JWT token lifetimes for the OAuth2 Provider service:

  1. In the Identity Cloud admin UI, select Native Consoles > Access Management.
  2. Select Services > OAuth2 Provider.
  3. On the Core tab, specify the following property in seconds:
    * Access Token Lifetime (seconds)
  4. On the OpenID Connect tab, specify the following property in seconds:
    * OpenID Connect JWT Token Lifetime (seconds)
  5. Click Save Changes.

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