Trigger new AD application account provisioning after new user creation

Hi All,

I have a requirement to trigger provisioning for a new Active Directory account as soon as a new identity user gets created in ForgeRock IdentityCloud.

Requirement in steps:

  1. Create user in ForgeRock IdentityCloud
  2. Configure in such a way onCreate that if the below conditions are satisfied then IdentityCloud triggers AD account provisioning:

-givenName is “test1”

I tried to configure in the following way:

  • I have the AD connector configured already with provisioning attributes mapped
  • I went to Configure–> Mapping (for ForgeRock IdentityCloud to AD) ------> Behavior tab
  • I added a policy of action=Create and property Absent (if account on target not there, it creates one)
  • In the policy, I added a condition script
    (givenName == “test1”)
  • I saved the configuration

Still when I went to create user via UI, after user creation it did not trigger AD provisioning. What is the correct procedure to achieve this requirement?


hi @saunak1191
I would suggest you create a role and associate your AD application with this node and then either manually or dynamically assign it to your user.

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