UI Customization - Syntax Highlighting of Config section of Nodes


We have a requirement to add syntax highlighting for values added as config in the node config section.

Tried multiple ways by importing highlighter.js library in the index.html and added script section to do the highlighting . However it failed.

In the pic, the sectio n towards the right, we have a textarea to add the config, which needs syntax highlighting. Any suggestion, on how to achieve this?

This is not something the product is designed to do. I.e. there is no publicly available API to achieve this. Personally I would caution against implementing this; such modifications to the core product may complicate support issues (any problem would have to be seen on an unmodified version of AM), and cannot be guaranteed to work across any minor, or indeed major version change.
I suppose such requirement may be achieved as part of a proxy, or gateway placed in front of AM. This would at least not compromise the core product, or support. It would not however protect against changes due to upgrades.