Unable to fetch extensionAttribute(s) using Active Directory connector on Identity Cloud


I am new to ForgeRock community and wasn’t able to find documentation to reconcile extensionAttribbute1…2…3…13… using Active Directory Connector v2.1 on Identity Cloud.

Is there a way to add AD extensionAttribute to schema/properties and read from Active Directory?

The attributes named ‘extensionAttribute1’ through ‘extensionAttribute15’ are part of an auxiliary object class named ‘msExchCustomAttributes’ and thus would not be available to your LDAP connector if you only configured ‘top’ ‘person’ ‘organizationalPerson’ and ‘user’ as your user object classes. Try adding this additional object class to your user object classes and setting Read Schema to true. I found this enabled these attributes to appear in the list of properties I could add to the user object in Identity Cloud.


Thanks Steve…It worked.

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