Understanding and Using the "Accepted Solution" Button


The “Accepted Solution” button is a helpful feature that allows you to select the best answer to a question you’ve asked.

We encourage our members to use this feature, as it benefits those seeking assistance and those searching for previously provided solutions.

Note: you can mark solutions only for questions you initiated.
However, community staff members can also assist and mark accepted solutions.

Marking Solutions
When viewing replies to one of your topics, you will see the following Solution checkbox below all replies:

If the reply answers your question, click the button to mark the topic as solved:


Note that this does not close the topic; others can still reply.

Accepted Solved
Clicking the Solution button adds the Solved icon to the post and generates a direct link from the question to the answer within the thread, simplifying the process for users to find the solution they need:


Topics with accepted answers are distinguished in the topic list by a :white_check_mark: checked box, making it easier to identify solved topics and those that may still need attention:


When members provide an answer marked as Solution, they are awarded the coveted “Solved Badge” and receive 20 cheers/points per answer. Your tally of solved topics is displayed on your user profile, highlighting your contributions. With each point earned, you ascend towards higher badges, showcasing your expertise and commitment.

Please remember to recognize helpful answers by marking them as solved. Your acknowledgment not only expresses appreciation but also aids others encountering similar questions. Your participation in this manner is highly valued and contributes significantly to the community.

Warm regards,

The community team