What is the best way to document a Journey for a third party to integrate with it?

A supplier is building the Journeys in Forgerock for us but we don’t have direct access to the Journeys in the admin portal.

What is the best mechanism for the supplier to document a Journey so we can integrate with it?

We will be using the JavaScript SDK so we understand the integration from a basic request/response.

We do not know inputs, outputs, error codes, states etc

Hi @peter.swallow,

You need to understand the interaction with the journey as responses to Callbacks (Supported callbacks :: ForgeRock Identity Cloud Docs). The SDK is basing the form rendering directly from the callback structure.
Then I recommend that you exercise the journey from a browser with developer tools, and spy at the /authenticate exchanges as the user progresses along the journey.



Yeah that makes sense but it’s all down to trial and error whether you get all the states and fields no?

There must be a standardised way to communicate the Journey to consumers.

Thank :slight_smile: