When I am calling any IDM endpoint in Postman I am getting message ypeError: Cannot call method \"includes\" of null"

Hi Team, When calling any IDM endpoint openidm/managed/a
lpha_user/ for CRUD ops, In response getting internal server error with message

“code”: 500,
“reason”: “Internal Server Error”,
“message”: “TypeError: Cannot call method "includes" of null”

can anyone kindly let me if this kind of error anyone faced, nothing changes in configuration in my IDM env.


Good Afternoon Tanay,

Have you opened a ticket with ForgeRock Support?

I would suggest opening a ticket with our support team and if onprem please upload the idm/conf folder along with the /logs and /scripts folder

If in the cloud you would need to provide your cloud tenant url as well.

Providing the above along with the calls being made via Postman will help us understand where we may be failing

Additionally does this occur when using curl and not postman? Providing the curl command being used may also help us understand your issue.

Have a Great Day,

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