How to Configure different Terms & Conditions (T &Cs) for each application in ForgeRock Identity Cloud

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I got a requirement to configure different T&C’s based on applications. We got both OAuth and SAML applications.

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I’m providing for your review this sample use case from the Community site which demonstrates how to present different T&Cs to different user groups based on the user’s organization.

Please review this document and let us know if this assists in your efforts.

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Hi Suriya,
Forgerock doesn’t support what you’re looking for to my knowledge. The solution is to create an external microservice (or function) that returns the appropriate T&C.
Optionally you may combine it with the solution of Ed by storing the T&C text in Forgerock and retrieve the appropriate ID in realtime from the custom service, this way you only transfer an ID in realtime, making your interface less chatty.
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