Recording for "ForgeOps: How to spin up a MiniKube on your local device" developer session

This recording is the for the first ForgeOps session on “How to spin up MiniKube on your local device”. Chico Demetroff is a Senior Principal Sales Engineer at ForgeRock. He is an expert in ForgeOps and passionate about developer experience.

In this session, Chico demonstrates how to spin up a ForgeOps MiniKube cluster on your device (Mac, Linux, Windows). Setting up a MiniKube is an essential step before you can deploy the Cloud Developer’s Kit (CDK). In addition, Chico shared great tips and best practices and showed how and what debug logs to capture for a support tickets.

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Hello @sureshkumarguda,

This is regarding your question asked during the MiniKube session if it would be possible to multi cluster environment using ForgeOps.

You could use this guide on minikube profiles for this question.

Please let us know if this is helpful or if you have additional questions.

Once again, thank you for attending the session and for asking such valuable questions! We look forward to seeing you in our future sessions!


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