Setting form field auto focus in a Journey

Has anyone managed to set the forum field auto focus in a Journey before?

For example when the login forum is displayed it automatically puts the cursor in the username field.

I’m using on-prem ForgeRock with the platform-ui: GitHub - ForgeRock/platform-ui

I figured a workaround could be to runs some client-side JavaScript in a Node that automatically sets focus on the first field on the page, but I couldn’t find a Node that allows you to inject client-side JavaScript.

One solution would be to run a patched version of the platform-ui, but that seems overkill just for form focus.

Hello @japearson

Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

There is a node in the Marketplace called Client Script Auth Tree Node, that executes a client-side browser Javascript. Please note that nodes from the Marketplace and not officially supported by ForgeRock.

More detailed notes on client-side scripting which may provide some answers for your request are provided here:

I hope the information provided here assists in your efforts.

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